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Neeru Madan

Neeru Madan

Life Coach

Mindfulness & Meditation Coach 

Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Mindful Relocation Coach

Parenting Coach

Women Empowerment Coach

Certified Reiki Healer

Artist at NyrahArt

Life Coach / Meditation / Artist / Reiki Healer / Women empowerment

Serving the Greater Seattle Area


I am a Certified Zen Mindfulness Meditation practitioner, a Life Coach, a Reiki healer, a Life Vision (Law of Attraction) Coach and an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner . I am also an artist who loves to create personalized gifts (NyrahArt) in my spare time. I absolutely love to do what I Do. I believe that ZenWays Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Training has been one of the best thing I have ever done. The course was a Yoga Alliance registered course taught by Zen Master Daizan Roshi

My work experience has mostly been in Corporate Sector. Dealing with stressful situations, meeting deadlines, frustrating projects leading to panic attacks and anxious behavior was a common scenario in customer facing roles. Applying wisdom, knowledge & tools from my various courses, completely changed my behavior and perspective on life. Embodying calm and clear zenful attitude certainly was an effort, but very REWARDING! My Efficiency in dealing with challenging situations increased, my relationships started to change and I started to manifest fruitful results in all areas of my life.   

Since I was born in a Hindu family, doing meditation (chanting, to be more precise) was part of a family tradition. However, today I can say that most of my meditation was not mindful. I just did it as everyone in the family was doing it. My real interest in meditation came about in 2008 when I got introduced to Raj Yoga Meditation by my sister. I did an 8 week foundation course (a few times) at Raj Yoga Meditation center in UK. It made me look at my life closely. The course gave me a deeper understanding of myself, my intrinsic positive qualities and my innate values . As I became better at meditation, I started to dig deeper and deeper in search of the truth.

It's said that things fall in place when the time is right. The Zen teachers training course with "Daizan Roshi" completely changed my perspective on life. The course taught me the truth that I have been looking for outside; resides within me. This course mindfulness course was a beginning of a new journey for me.

Besides being a Mindfulness and Meditation coach, I am a wife, and mum to a lovely daughter and live in beautiful Bellevue, WA at the moment. 

I am not a doctor or a therapist. I am someone who has completely changed the way I experience my life through mindfulness and meditation - I don't live in an "auto-pilot mode" anymore. There is more joy and happiness around my life and I feel passionately about helping others to find the same in themselves.

​If you want to bring calmness to your busy mind and uncover peace that resides inside of you, I can equip you with necessary tools to do so, not as some passing fad, but for life.

Please send me an email now if you want to board the bus to the journey of self-realisation. Contact me at or call +1 (425) 3946077​​

Participant of Oxford University research project: ‘The Influence of Mindfulness and Meditation on Overall Life Satisfaction’ MSD/IDREC/C1/2012/79.