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“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Albert Einstein

I am truly grateful to the universe for all the good present in our lives. To pay my respect and gratitude towards the Universe, I believe in giving back to the society too. 

5% of all of Zenful's earnings go towards charity.​​​​

(serving Seattle/ Renton/ Issaquah / Bellevue/ New Castle / Kent/ Redmond/ Bothell) :

Mindset Coaching / Meditation Classes, Renton Highlands, WA

Choose a course (**ONLINE ZOOM SESSIONS Available**):


B). MANIFEST ABUNDANCE - Based on Law of attraction - 4 Weeks

C). MINDFULNESS FOR INSIGHT - Advance course - 8 Weeks

D). Free will Course - If you are really very stressed and would like a one of session, feel free to contact me at 4253946077. It will be 90$ for a 60 -90 minute session depending on your need.

Course requirements:
You don’t need any previous meditation experience, just an open mind, a willingness to give it a go and a commitment to carrying out a daily meditation practice for the duration of the course. 

​Your Investment in your Future:

A) Mindfulness for Well-Being Course - $420 for 6 lessons {No Tax) 

Personal 1:1 class ​for 6 weeks (1 lesson per week)

You will learn: 

*What is meditation

*How to meditate effectively.

*Learn powerful techniques. 

*What is Mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your life.

*3 guided mindfulness meditations.

*Interactive class with a new topic each week - Stress, Anxiety, Physical Pain, Emotional Pain, Time Management, Roles etc.

B) Manifest Abundance - Law of Attraction course - $280 for 4 sessions {No Tax}

Law of attraction is the New Thought spiritual belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life. 

The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are made from "pure energy" and that like energy can attract like energy, thereby allowing people to improve their health, wealth, or personal relationships.

C) Mindfulness for Insight course - for very experienced Meditators
This 8 weeks course is for experienced meditators only. The course offers you to seek who you really are and is a deeper dive into the reality.

All courses will be given on one-on-one basis. Please contact me for more details.

Please call now +1 (425) 3946077 to enroll for a course or submit the form below: