Mindset Coaching | Mindfulness | Meditation



  • This has been an insightful course. We had some good discussion about various topics in the course. It was good to have a better idea about what meditation really is. I have learnt to be more aware and mindful of my daily life. It has increased efficiency. I have to be more disciplined to get more out of mindfulness. Thank you, Anja.

  • What a lovely, heart-warming course!! Neeru provided such a warm and inviting welcome, she gave a great introduction into meditation and mindfulness and left us wanting more…! Thank you, Neeru. Lou x

  • This has been a very good 6 week course. I didn't know what to expect, but I truly enjoyed every single session I've had. Neeru is very pleasant to listen to and said many memorable and good things that are important for this journey. I particularly like how you give examples from your life relating to different topics. Thank you so much Neeru. - Anette

  • Neeru, you are a very special Mindfulness and Meditation teacher. You are a very good teacher and an excellent person. You teach from heart and your teachings straight go into heart. Main things I learnt from the course were to be open minded and to be more aware in my life. I am so thankful to you for making me come out of my auto pilot mode living. Thanks indeed! Love - Claudia.  

  • The course gave me a very good perspective on my relationships, my work, and my day to day living. I love my "New Me" Neeru. You link course material to life with a great ease, and i think that speaks volumes about your experience. Trying to live out of the box now - A Soul:-)

  • I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone anytime. It takes discipline and perseverance, but it can quickly bring some improvements to your life. I didn't want the course to stop:) Neeru explained subject very well and linked theoretical knowledge to real life nicely. - Michaela.